ABY Internal Regulation

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ABY Internal Regulation

Post  eltarny on Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:24 am

Basically you can do whatever you like but under some guidelines.

  • You must not bring war to ABY.
    While war is fun for some of us, it really offers absolutely nothing except slowing down our progress.
    Since there is no way to do any significant damage to someone, he and his friends will hold a grudge against ABY and might attack us at a later time and even worse they might attack a member that is not so strong and does not have any intention in getting involved in a war.
    So, we must be really careful when we attack active players that are stronger than us or that they belong in a strong alliance.
    In any case you will choose to attack active players, you must not expect ABY to run to your rescue when he and his friends come after you at full force.
    However, if the attacks are really overwhelming ABY will eventually help you to get out of the bad situation that you put yourselves into.
    ABY help is not always military in nature. Most of the times the best solution is through diplomacy. Have in mind that attacks that take longer than 6 to 8 hours to reach their target offer nothing as the target has all this time to prepare, move his troops and ships, empty his cities, demolish their ports and so on.

  • When you get attacked there are some simple guidelines to follow before cry help through a circular.
    • Don't panic
    • Don't get angry. Attacks and pillages are a part of the game (and a fun one)
    • Message the player that attacks you and tell him politely that you are an active player. If you are not polite, ABY will have a much harder time to resolve the situation.
    • Ask him why he attacks you. Perhaps you are not a good donator to your island or something. Perhaps you have a lot of gold and low military.
    • If PMs do not work notify alliance through round mail. ABY's officials will take action and organize things.
      When you send a circular don't say attack these guys. This is not allowed. Every combined ABY attack must go through ABY's officials.
      You must say, I am under attack from this city (name [coordinates]) of player (nickname). He sends xx units/ships to my city (name [coordinates]) and I have xx units/ships.
      You must also state if there was any communication and its content or any history with the attacker.
    • no longer true since v0.3.0If the attack keeps coming, in the last minute buy trade ships and demolish your port for minimal damage. You can also deploy your ships and units to another town to minimize losses.

  • In general, threatening and aggressive messages to other players are not allowed. We lose face and we give the impression that we are a troublesome alliance which is not our purpose.
    A polite message goes a long way. There are many cases that a member we have attacked is now a member of ABY because he sent us a polite message.
    Especially in times of war, all ABY communication goes through our diplomat. If you get a message, you forward it to our diplomat and he will reply accordingly.

  • In case of need, everyone follows the chain of command. ABY's officials have detailed maps, know all of your resources and troops, and can organize things.

  • If you ever decide to quit ikariam, please notify us because your account and it's resources that you will no more need can be a huge help to your nearby members.
    We will give you some guidelines to do before quitting.
    Make a last offer to ABY that protected and nourished you during your active days.

  • Last but not least, failing to follow ABY's spirit, will result in warnings and eventually getting kicked out of ABY and get pillaged
    Of course, this is a last resort and has yet to happen.

Long live ABY

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